BXTB-A Cutting
Edge Blockchain

for the Online
Gaming Industry

"We aims to unify the siloed systems of the gaming industry and solve its payments and settlement problems once and for all."

BXTB: A Decentralized Solution for Online Gambling Settlements

BXTB is the first, and currently the only, blockchain project that can fairly, openly and justly connect all global gaming industry payment systems. BXTB is based on a consensus algorithm called Proof of Capacity, which is a groundbreaking new system that aims to replace the clunky and efficient Proof of Work algorithm used by Bitcoin and others. Beyond technical innovation, there are several reasons why BXTB will prove to be a sound and lucrative method for legitimate financial gain through the blockchain.

The Gambling Industry: Ripe for Capitalization in the Blockchain Space

According to Juniper Research, the global online gambling industry is projected to handle betting volumes on the order of over $1 trillion by 2021. The online gambling space was revolutionized by the Internet, and it will soon undergo a new revolution on the basis of blockchain. Blockchain-based BXTB will provide several disruptive benefits to online gambling, such as a trustless cash-in and cash-out process where no middleman need be involved, as well as an independently verifiable record of all transactions, results and payouts. Blockchain can also provide true, transparent randomness to online casinos. It's no exaggeration to say online gambling is a near-perfect, real world use-case for blockchain - and there are tangible rewards to be reaped by becoming a part of the BXTB network.

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Satoshi Dice: 
The Lasting Effect of Gambling on Blockchain

Anyone who’s been paying attention to cryptocurrency and blockchain for the last decade has seen countless promises of the lofty changes this new technology will bring: a revolution of the world’s financial systems, reformation of voting processes, decentralization of media distribution and advertising, and beyond...


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