Earn yield while minting 

collateralised Stablecoins

BXTB is a DeFi protocol that uses a Proof of Capacity sidechain to create high-throughput, yield-generating Stablecoin suitable for enterprise use cases. 

Phase 1: YBXTB Generation Convert

Stablecoins to CHIPS

How does it work?

BXTB collateralizes existing Stablecoins such as USDT, DAI to create a "CHIP" stable coin in a  reversible process.

The resulting Stablecoin is hosted on a side chain powered by Proof of Capacity, which is a low-energy, high throughput consensus mechanism

Proof of Capacity
Simplified Explanation

Proof of Capacity
An Analogy

Proof of Capacity

Technical Explanation

Proof of Capacity

Proof of Capacity

Transaction fees paid when moving CHIPS on this sidechain are paid out to YBXTB holders as yield, who are incentivised to maintain the collateralised CHIPS in the ecosystem.

1. Secure, high-throughput Stablecoins

Existing stable coins on fully decentralised blockchains have low throughput and are bogged down by network fees, making them unsuitable for use in enterprise use cases. A POC-based sidechain maintains reliable finality without compromising on throughput

2. Incentivized collateralization

By using other Stablecoins as a base for its value, CHIP can maintain a reliable store of value. At the same time, users are incentivized  to collateralize their Stablecoins into CHIP in order to earn yield off the sidechain transaction fees.

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BXTB is a dual blockchain, dual token platform, developed and supported by the BXTB Foundation.