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BSC - We are almost there !

Dear BXTB Users

We regret that the launch of BXTB on the Binance Smart Chain Main Net will be delayed, our tech team will require some additional time to continue testing of our system for performance and security on the BSC chain.

We will invite our supporter to take part in our Early Access Program and to try out the great features of the Binance Smart Chain such as super fast transaction times and our complimentary chip - COMP CHIP.

To better prepare the community for the official launch, we would like to share our revised launch plan, which consists of the following stages :

Week 1 : Launch BXTB Game Portal (on BSC Test Net) Week of July 26, 2021

Week 2-3 : Invite 5000 user to join our BSC Early Access Program and to experience our new platform. Complimentary chip tokens will be sent to all participants.

After week 4 : Announcement of the official revised launch date will take place as soon as we have reached 5000 signups for the Early Access Program and we are satisfied that we have run without any issue for one whole week on the BSC testnet .

We will provide weekly updates through our website as our tech team continues the work of stress testing and fine tuning on the BSC testnet

Thank you for your understanding and we wish everyone safe and good health

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