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BXTB and JustBet Enter Strategic Partnership

Istanbul – August 6, 2020: In a game-changing new development, the BXTB Foundation has announced an investment and strategic partnership with JustBet, an Istanbul-based, decentralized gaming platform.

What does this mean for BXTB? To start with, the BXTB token will be integrated into the JustBet platform. BXTB’s pre-rolling and staking mechanisms will also be connected the JustBet staking program. The BXTB token will be joining TRX and USDT as one of the pioneers of the new JustBet platform.

Further details are to be announced across the next few days. For BXTB, the partnership with JustBet represents an important step of progress on its way to revolutionizing the online gaming industry.

To celebrate our partnership with JustBet, the BXTB Staking Rewards Event will be reopened to an additional 500 applicants. Registration page will be re-activated on 6pm August 7, 2020.

BXTB x JustBet Staking Program :

Before August 23, 2020

If your BXTB Staking Account Balance is

- 100,000 – 299,999 BXTB, you will receive 100,000 JustBet WINR Token.

- 300,000 – 499,999 BXTB, you will receive 450,000 JustBet WINR Token.

- 500,000 or above BXTB, you will receive 1,000,000 JustBet WINR Token.

*All JustBet Token will be distributed on Dec 1, 2020

* Any BXTB token withdrawl during August 16, 2020 to November 30, 2020 will NOT be eligible to receive JustBet WINR bonus Token

*JustBet IEO Event on August 18, 2020

Congratulations on taking part in our rolling event and thank you as always for your patience & support!

JustBet: Everyone’s a WINR

JustBet is a decentralized, autonomous gaming platform that is fully transparent and independent of any third party interaction and counter-party risk. Players can make bets by sending BXTB or other tokens to the game contract, and winnings are automatically and directly returned – the funds never pass through human hands.

The platform provides a secure online casino that provides blockchain-backed security and complete transparency of all game data. JustBet also shares its earnings with holders of WINR – the platform's native token. 80% of all daily earnings by the platform are shared with users who used WINR tokens to participate during that period.

The JustBet platform will go live after their token sale on 28th August.

Learn more about JustBet:






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