BXTB Foundation Announces GameWorks Partnership, Expansion to Philippines

BXTB Foundation announced it has entered into a partnership with GameWorks Technologies (GWX) of the Philippines. This landmark agreement means that BXTB and GWX will collaborate closely to facilitate the integration of BXTB technology into the GWX platform, spearheading their expansion into the burgeoning Philippine gaming sector. BXTB Foundation brings its unique BXTB blockchain technology and ecosystem to the partnership along with its unique community of KYC-qualified customers as collateral, to the GWX platform. GWX holds an online casino gaming operator license from the NCGAC, which positions both companies to further energize the Philippine gaming industry. The Philippine gaming and online gambling industry has played an increasingly important role in the country’s economic development. According to www.casino.org, e-gaming in the Philippines accounted for US$160m revenue in Q3 2019 alone, before accounting for the multi-million dollar Philippines Offshore Gaming Operator businesses. The agreement between BXTB and GWX signals a bold step in revolutionizing online gaming worldwide. Leveraging cutting-edge cryptography and blockchain technology, BXTB continues to expand across the Asia/Pacific online gaming market, which it believes will set the scene for major technological advances, as well as opening doors to further partnerships for innovation across the globe. GameWorks Technologies is a private limited company that develops and operates innovative technology platforms for online game developers and players alike. BXTB Foundation is a technology provider that supports and develops ground-breaking cryptographic payment and settlement solutions for the online gaming sector.