BXTB Foundation to Launch 5M Fund for Developers and Partners

On April 15th 2020 the BXTB Foundation obtained its first exchange listing on BiKi Exchange. The Foundation has now followed this by announcing a funding program for game developers and other platform partners.

The program, which is funded to the tune of 5M will support and encourage participants in the online gaming space to take advantage of the BXTB blockchain and gaming ecosystem. Providing support and encouragement for new parties to join the BXTB platform is the next step towards increased usage and adoption. Game developers can now leverage the decentralization, security and provable fairness of the BXTB platform and blockchain system.

The BXTB development funding program also comes on the back of a new partnership between BXTB Foundation and GameWorks Technology. GameWorks is a private company that develops and operates technology platforms for online game developers and players. Between partnerships, exchange listings and the new development fund, BXTB Foundation is on a course to make waves in the blockchain-based online gaming space throughout 2020.

About Gameworks

Gameworks (GWX) is an NCAG and CEZA-licensed platform that enables game developers and publishers to host their games in a fully licensed and regulated environment. The GWX platform comprises licensing, settlement and regtech that handles compliance with the strictest anti-fraud, AML, KYC, taxation and other regulatory requirements.

About BXTB

BXTB Foundation is a technology provider that supports and develops ground-breaking cryptographic payment and settlement solutions for the online gaming sector. BXTB is a dual blockchain, dual token platform, developed and supported by the BXTB Foundation. It unifies the payment and settlement systems of the gaming industry and provides for frictionless interaction between all parties in the gaming sector.

Next Steps

Game developers, game publishers, platform operators, agents and other parties wishing to avail of the funding initiative and becoming a BXTB platform partner are invited to contact the Foundation at inquiry@bxtb.net