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BXTB Partner JustBet Launches Network, WINR Token

The BXTB Foundation would like to extend congratulations to JustBet's successful launch on August 28, 2020, with the network coming online and the WINR token being listed on BitMart exchange. JustBet's WINR token peaked at an 800% increase over the course of the launch.

BXTB’s investment & partnership in JustBet is our first step towards leading the next generation of DeFi. As part of the agreement, BXTB will receive JustBet tokens over next 12 months. These tokens will be staked into the JustBet platform, where rolling gains from JustBet platform will be shared with our BXTB stakers. BXTB’s own token is planned to launch of the JustBet network soon.

Learn more about BXTB and JustBet’s partnership:

Learn more about Justbet:






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