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BXTB Rolling Update - July 1, 2020

We’d like to thank all of our miners and BXTB owners for helping to make our Rolling Campaign the fantastic success that it is. We have now fulfilled our registration quota.

The Campaign is now in its second phase and we are ready to commence a planned system upgrade that will, amongst other things, improve the user experience of the activation process. The upgrade is expected to take about 14 days.

The upgrade will not affect rolling. Rolling will continue as usual.

None of this would have been possible without your help and support and it has been a gratifying experience for the whole team. We hope it has been equally gratifying for you as one of our privileged early adopters.

As usual we continue to develop relationships with new production partners and there will more news coming along very soon.

Note : The pre-rolling registration and erc20 activation will be temporarily unavailable for the period of the system upgrade.

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