BXTB listed on BiKi Exchange on April 15, 2020

On 15 April 2020, BXTB officially listed on its first exchange, BiKi Exchange. Before the exchange unveils plans for campaigns for users to earn some BXTB, let’s explore the background and accomplishments of the token as well as its future plans after premiere listing.

“The BiKi exchange listing is the beginning of the development of a key part of the BXTB ecosystem. BXTB will be made available to the market at large, setting precedents for Proof of Capacity and taking the project into its next phase.” Says a representative from BXTB Foundation.

According to Juniper Research, the global online gaming industry is estimated to soon surpass $1 trillion in betting volume. The online gaming space was revolutionized by the internet, and it will soon undergo a new revolution on the basis of blockchain. Blockchain-based BXTB will provide several disruptive benefits to online gaming, such as a trustless cash-in and cash-out process where no middleman need be involved, as well as an independently verifiable record of all transactions and results. BXTB is the foremost Proof of Capacity project now entering partnerships with exchanges and gaming establishments. No other project in the space has achieved this match of technological innovation with real-world partnerships.

“BiKi is pleased to be the first exchange BXTB will be listed on. Being the first exchange to list BXTB is a huge honour and responsibility — loyal users of the gaming token will be seeking to trade the token and we vow to provide the liquidity and exposure needed for this token to thrive in top crypto regions where BiKi has firm roots in, such as South Korea, China and Vietnam.” Says Ethan Ng, Southeast Asia CEO of BiKi Exchange.

Online gaming has had a tough time capitalizing on its online properties, despite the fact that online betting is legal in more than 85 countries. Credit card networks such as Visa and MasterCard technically allow online gaming- related transactions, but strict and inconsistent regulations have scared off many businesses and services. The traditional banking system is as reluctant to handle inter-party payments between operators and software providers as it is to handle deposits and withdrawals from end consumers. Payment processing remains the biggest problem. Customers are forced to seek other, less attractive and often risky alternatives, which completely negates two of the major appeals of online gaming: the presumed increase in privacy and convenience.

Using BXTB dispenses the need to deal with traditional financial institutions. The smart contract inherent in the blockchain codifies and automatically settles payments between parties in a secure and reliable manner — all done transparently on the blockchain. BXTB Platform is a decentralized platform that allows for all parties in the online casino industry — from bettors to software providers — to interact in a fair and transparent manner. Furthermore, BXTB is based on Proof-of-Capacity, a cutting-edge consensus algorithm which promises to age well, and requires token activation within the BXTB ecosystem for the mined tokens to acquire value — promoting a robust and organic blockchain gaming platform.

BXTB is entering the late stages of its development and is ready to deploy to various exchanges and online gaming establishments across the globe — with BiKi Exchange being the first step.

The BXTB Foundation believes that decentralized online gaming is one of the best and purest uses of blockchain technology. Stay tuned to BiKi.com for the listing details next week (15 April 2020) as well as exciting campaigns for you to get your hands on some BXTB tokens. BiKi Exchange is proud to be the first and only exchange to date to trade BXTB tokens.

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