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BXTB x Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

We are excited to announce that we have successfully completed migration of the BXTB Smart Contract to the Binance Smart Chain. This means not only fast, cheap transactions but it aligns us with one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the history of blockchain technology. Even though BSC was launched only in the second half of 2020, it has already overtaken Ethereum as the dominant player in the DeFi sector. Due, of course, to its low transaction fees and superior scalability.

The past few months have seen a massive transfer of transaction volume to BSC making it an ecosystem with unlimited opportunities.

The BXTB core team will be performing testing and migration throughout the month of June.

BXTB Platform will be live on the Binance Chain in July 2021 with the exact date to be announced mid-June.

A big thank you goes to all our BXTB users for joining us on this journey as we look forward to more exciting times ahead.

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