Investing in Blockchain with BXTB

As Bitcoin hit an all-time high in late 2017, cryptocurrency and blockchain became a gold rush of sorts, with millions of would-be crypto investors rushing into the space, matched with no shortage of projects operating under false pretenses, many intended to be cash grabs rather than legitimately innovative. Such efforts can come in the forms of vaporware (projects that exist only on paper, never to be realized) or pump and dump scams (where the value of a cryptocurrency is artificially inflated to lure buyers, then quickly sold). Many feel that Bitcoin itself is unlikely to see such exponential growth as it did in the past. So is all investment opportunity lost in the blockchain space? Not just yet. Many blockchain businesses are providing novel pathways to benefit financially from legitimate projects, and BXTB is foremost among them.

BXTB: A Decentralized Solution for Online Gambling Settlements

To give a brief background, BXTB is the first, and currently the only, blockchain project that can fairly, openly and justly connect all global gaming industry payment systems. BXTB is based on a consensus algorithm called Proof of Capacity, which is a groundbreaking new system that aims to replace the clunky and efficient Proof of Work algorithm used by Bitcoin and others. Beyond technical innovation, there are several reasons why BXTB will prove to be a sound and lucrative method for legitimate financial gain through the blockchain.

The Gambling Industry: Ripe for Capitalization in the Blockchain Space

According to Juniper Research, the global online gambling industry is projected to handle betting volumes on the order of over $1 trillion by 2021. The online gambling space was revolutionized by the Internet, and it will soon undergo a new revolution on the basis of blockchain. Blockchain-based BXTB will provide several disruptive benefits to online gambling, such as a trustless cash-in and cash-out process where no middleman need be involved, as well as an independently verifiable record of all transactions, results and payouts. Blockchain can also provide true, transparent randomness to online casinos. It's no exaggeration to say online gambling is a near-perfect, real world use-case for blockchain - and there are tangible rewards to be reaped by becoming a part of the BXTB network.

How to Earn Gains Through BXTB

To earn gains with BXTB, first BXTB must be acquired through either mining, or purchase on an exchange, and then "staked" with 1 USDT - which creates a token called a "CHIP", corresponding to $1 USD in value. One created, CHIPs are used for all kinds of transactions on the BXTB network (ChipsNet). Whenever a BXTB holder's CHIP is used in a completed transaction, the BXTB holder will be paid out a fee worth 0.25% of that transaction. Let's look at some numbers to show what kind of returns BXTB holders can expect.

A total of 21 billion BXTB can be mined - compared to the online gambling industry's projected estimate of $1 trillion yearly wager volume. Thus an approximation of 2.1% participation in the gambling industry's transactions can be estimated - enough for all currency holders to obtain a stable income through holding BXTB.

Let's say that you hold 100,000 CHIPs, equating to 100,000 BXTB staked at 1 USDT each, which are used on a daily basis for online gambling transactions on ChipsNet. 0.25% paid out of each transaction: 100,000 x 0.25% = $250. $250 x 365 = $91,250, in other words, the amount of income a holder of 100,000 BXTB coins can expect on a yearly basis assuming a consistent volume of CHIP transactions throughout the year.

BXTB an opportunity to profit from the gambling sector - without gambling yourself.